On Dossier Application Criteria



Only a current STIBC member may apply, and the member must be in good standing when he or she applies, and be in good standing at the conclusion of the evaluation process.

STIBC on dossier certification is for experienced translators/interpreters and only

a) members with extensive background in translating and/or interpreting (many books/large documents translated, over several hundred thousand words, over several thousand hours of interpretation)
b) members who have reasonable/credible excuse(s) not to sit the examination
c) members in whose language no certification examination is offered

are encouraged to apply for on dossier certification.

The on dossier certification process is not an exchange process in that a candidate would submit a portfolio and get a certificate but it is a review process, as a matter of fact not much different from the certification examination.

The on dossier certification assessment seeks to recognize aptitude and competence, not potential. A candidate is judged competent if the translation provided is faithful, idiomatic and requires no revision or the interpretation proof points are impeccable.

To create your portfolio:

-fill out the application form; write a cover letter that explains why you should be considered for on dossier certification; include your resume, credentials, proof of extensive work i.e., publications, reference letters, etc.

-for translation, select 10 translations among your works: only one page each of about 500 to 700 words, clearly named as source and target. For interpretation, present interpretation proof points. 

-obtain three reference letters from clients: make sure you have at least three translations you did for those references included in your samples.

-contact three certified translators or interpreters across Canada in the language combination you seek certification on dossier: send them your portfolio and ask if they would support your application.

-documents for on dossier application must be digitized and submitted electronically.

The on dossier certification committee uses a professional evaluation form on which all the above items have a certain mark value and an application has to get at least 70 points to achieve certification on dossier.

The decision of the on dossier certification committee is final and there is no appeal process for on dossier applications.

** The process to become Certified On Dossier as a Translator, Court Interpreter, Community Interpreter, Medical Interpreter, Conference Interpreter, or Terminologist is administered by STIBC. Members can log into the site, and find the application form and other documents HERE.

 ***The on dossier certification criteria are subject to change any time; please make sure you check the website for updates.

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