Only an STIBC member who has met the high certifying standards set by the Society and who is registered in the Membership Roll, may carry out his or her practice using the title of Certified Translator, Certified Terminologist,  Certified Court Interpreter, Certified Medical Interpreter or Certified Community Interpreter.

The primary function of a professional title is to inform the public about the services provided by the professional. The reserved title is a sign of competency, as it allows the public to recognize a professional who is most apt to meet their needs, with the knowledge that there are processes in place to deal with any dissatisfaction.

The initials reserved for those holding the Certified Translator, Certified Terminologist, Certified Conference Interpreter, Certified Court Interpreter, Certified Medical Interpreter or Certified Community Interpreter titles are as follows: C.T., C.Term., C.C.I., C.Crt.I., C.M.I. and C.COM.I.  

An individual who is not a Certified STIBC member may not use any of these titles (or abbreviations) or mislead others into believing he or she is a Certified member of the Society by using a similar title or abbreviation. In such case, this individual would be misappropriating the title and subject to legal action, including criminal prosecution.

Make sure that the language professional you assign with a task is a member in good standing of the Society. Please call the office to inquire: 604-684-2940.

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