How to Apply for Membership

Applications to become a member of STIBC can be submitted online 

at any time throughout the year.

Note on Becoming Certified - Candidates to STIBC are first admitted as Associate Members. Once they are members, they can apply for certification as a translator or interpreter. Please see Certification for more details.

2017-2018  - Applications

Requirements to apply to STIBC:

All candidates must be proficient in two languages as translators or interpreters, and must have at least one (1) year's experience as a translator or interpreter, whether full time, part time or volunteer.  Experience may be demonstrated in the resume, preferably indicating an estimated word count, supported by a reference letter. The word counts vary per language and are as follows:

  - Canada's official languages (French or English) 110,000 words;
 -  Spanish, Chinese and Punjabi: 80,000 words;
 -  Other languages: 30,000 words.

To apply for membership, the following steps are required:

1. Fill out the Member Application Form, and pay the first part of non-refundable application fee ($115.50 tax inclusive) by credit card or cheque. Click here to APPLY.
2. Submit resume, documents and additional information as requested.
3. STIBC advises if the candidate has sufficient education or experience to follow the process of "Admission on Dossier", or is required to undergo the process of "Admission by Exam". The admissions committee requires a minimum of four weeks to review an application.

Admission by Exam

-Make final payment ($94.50 tax inclusive, non-refundable) and
-Pass English Language Proficiency Exam
-Pass Admission Translation Exam
-Pass Ethics exam

Admission by Dossier

- Present additional documents as required
- Make final payment ($94.50 tax inclusive, non-refundable) and pass Ethics exam

The Ethics exam is mandatory for all applicants to the Society.

The admissions committee reserves the right to request additional information or to require a candidate to take additional exams. This applies to both candidates accepted on admission by exam or on dossier.

Upon successful completion of the admission process, the candidate is admitted as an Associate Member and requested to pay annual membership fees. (Current annual membership fee for Associate Members is $165.90, tax inclusive.)

Fees are subject to change without notice, and all application fees are non-refundable.

[Certified Members registered with a CTTIC-affiliated translator/interpreter association in Canada may be admitted directly as a Certified member. Please contact the STIBC office for more details. Current 2017 annual membership fee for Certified members is $249.90, tax inclusive, the 2018 fee is $273 tax inclusive.]


Information about the Admission Translation Exam

You will be given two (2) hours to translate a text of about 175 to 200 words. Sample texts can be found here. 

(Exams are offered at least once a week by appointment)

Please confirm your exam schedule and arrive 15 minutes early for registration.

Translation Exam Regulations

Both paper and computer based exams are available.

Computer based exam:

-candidates may bring their own laptop computers for keyboard and specific language requirements

-source text will be provided on paper

-candidates will write their exam on a USB Memory Drive provided by STIBC. It is strictly prohibited to copy/save exam material on candidate’s own computer

-exams texts are STIBC's intellectual property and no part of the exam text may be copied

-Internet access is available for online dictionaries/resources

-email/text/chat options on computers and cellphones, even if used as a dictionary are strictly prohibited and they constitute reasons to be disqualified

Paper based exam:

-candidates will be provided with lined sheets, source text and a black pen

-print and electronic dictionaries may be used and Internet access is available for online dictionaries/resources

-email/text/chat options on computers and cellphones, even if used as a dictionary are strictly prohibited and they constitute reasons to be disqualified

To ensure anonymity, papers/electronic files are identified by a number only. Each exam is marked by two correctors. The pass mark is 70 per cent. 
Candidates will be notified of their results by e-mail, and a mark will be indicated only in the event of failure. Examination papers will not be returned to candidates. Please note that the minimum time required for marking exams is four weeks. 
Viewing and Appeal: 

In accordance with the regulations, any candidate who fails the examination may request to view the marked exam, and may appeal the result within one month following notification of the results. A fee is payable for such appeals and will be refunded if the appeal is successful. The Appeal decision is final.

Ethics Exam Information

The Ethics exam is required for ALL applicants to STIBC. To prepare for the Ethics exam, please review the Code of Ethics on the STIBC website. A copy of the Code will be provided at the exam, and you will be asked to read a short story and answer some questions about a person who does not follow this code.  You will be given 30 minutes to complete this test which can be taken at the STIBC office or at an Admission Day session.


 For more information on membership, please contact the office by email, click here.


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