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How to translate - Language Specific Workshop Series: English to Chinese

Thursday, April 20, 2017 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
400-1501 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC
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There are many ways to translate a given sentence in a specific language combination and they may all be right.  But, which ones are more acceptable within the Canadian / CTTIC context? This is an interactive workshop where the instructor (a certified translator) and participants will have a text to translate before they come to the workshop. Participants will give their version of translation of each sentence and get the perspective of the instructor, who will elaborate on the common issues regarding a particular language combination.


Shao Xi (Mike) Chu

Certified Translator:
English -> Chinese

Text to be translated:

Canada forgot to plan for its future by leaning on oil and the loonie*

With a weak dollar, Canada’s saving grace could be manufacturing, but low exchange rates take years to cascade into foreign investment and increased capacity. Furthermore, our manufacturing sector has been so dominated by oil and gas that a material expansion will require not just increased utilization of our existing manufacturing capacity but entirely new manufacturing capacity.

Tourism, technology and film production can also benefit from the cheap dollar, but their share of the Canadian economy is currently too small to make a dent in general output.

For too long, policy makers have been mired in easy economic formulas. Cheap money and a focus on resource exporting and homes have taken priority over what are increasingly recognized as the essential factors behind robust wealth creation: people and cities.

In a long-term sense, there’s only one thing that creates wealth: technology. Technology allows us to produce more with less—everything else is short-term noise. And most technology is produced in cities. They are home to centres of research, innovation and commerce. Nurturing cities that produce, attract and retain talented people is how mature 21st-century economies continue to develop.

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English to Chinese - General Public $30.00
Member pricing.
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