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How to translate - Language Specific Workshop Series: English to Chinese

Thursday, April 13, 2017 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
400-1501 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC
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There are many ways to translate a given sentence in a specific language combination and they may all be right.  But, which ones are more acceptable within the Canadian / CTTIC context? This is an interactive workshop where the instructor (a certified translator) and participants will have a text to translate before they come to the workshop. Participants will give their version of translation of each sentence and get the perspective of the instructor, who will elaborate on the common issues regarding a particular language combination.


Shao Xi (Mike) Chu

Certified Translator:
English -> Chinese

Text to be translated:

Renewable energy developers—and those who regulate them—need to be more sensitive to the concerns of residents who are going to have massive wind turbines built near them, a group of Canadian academics says.

In a recently published paper, the authors analyze why there is so much debate over the placement of wind turbines in Ontario.

Ontario has the greatest number of wind turbines of any province, and their construction has created considerable conflict between developers and those opposed to the installation of large industrial machinery in rural environments. Often these fights end up pitting neighbours against neighbours, and they can become big political battles at the municipal level.

Ontario has altered its rules since it first encouraged wind farms in its 2009 Green Energy Act,* said Stewart Fast, a researcher at the University of Ottawa and one of the paper's authors. But even though the new rules encourage more input from local governments and residents near proposed turbines, these changes haven't been enough to stop the disputes, he said.

One of the key battlegrounds concerns the health effects of wind turbines, and whether the noise and vibration from them keep some people awake and cause other medical issues.

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Member pricing.
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