Founders of the First Society

This is a list of those dedicated individuals who provided the impetus to found the first professional society of translators and interpreters in British Columbia.

[*] indicates this person also served as President

Dr. L.L. Bongie:

Dr. Larry Bongie, former Head and now Professor Emeritus of French at the University of British Columbia, taught advanced translation (French-English) for many years in the specialized Diploma programme at UBC. He has published numerous books on eighteenth-century French history, philosophy and literature (most recently, Sade: A Biographical Essay, University of Chicago Press, 1998). He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and was named in 1985 an Officier de l'Ordre des Palmes académiques by the French government. A Founding member of STIBC, he has served on the Ethics Committee and has frequently acted as the Society's Elections Officer.

Dr. Claude Bouygues:

Dr. Claude Bouygues, Ph.D., is retired from UBC (French Department), where he taught French and African literatures, and translation courses (Diploma in Translation Programme). He continues in the translation business (Certified Translator: English to French, STIBC and ATA), and now devotes his time mainly to writing. Dr. Bouygues was awarded the Palmes académiques (Officier) by the French Government.

Dr. Derek Carr:

[Dr. Carr is a current member of STIBC and a Certified Translator in Spanish to English. Bio t.b.p.]

Dr. Bernard Hoeter (+):

[Dr. Hoeter is also a Notary Public who assisted to found STIBC. Bio t.b.p.]

Kathleen Keating, LL.B.:

[Ms. Keating is a lawyer whose support was essential in founding STIBC. Bio t.b.p. ]

Juanita Miller [*]:

[Juanita Miller is current member of STIBC, and a Certified Translator in English to Spanish and Spanish to English. Bio t.b.p.]

Dr. Leslie Miller [*]:

Dr. Leslie Miller was born in the UK where he received his BA in French and German. Before emigrating to the USA and receiving his doctorate in German at the University of California (Berkeley), he taught translation and interpreting for several years in Germany at the Auslands- und Dolmetscherinstitut of the University of Mainz in Germersheim am Rhein. In 1961 he joined the faculty of UBC where among his other teaching duties he served as Chairman of the Diploma Programme in Translation for German. From 1981 to 1982 Dr. Miller served as the first President of STIBC Since his retirement from UBC in 1993, he has been active as a free lancer specialising in legal and technical translation.

Jindra Repa [*] (+):

Jindra Repa founded Arbutus College of Communication Arts, Business and Technology in 2002, and continued there as principal until he passed away in January, 2010. He studied languages, literatures and education at Charles University in Prague (Diploma), and the University of British Columbia (MA). He established the Court Interpreting Program at Vancouver Community College and served as President of STIBC and Secretary of the Canadian Interpreters and Translators Council. He worked as senior administrator in international and continuing education at Vancouver Community College, St. Clair College and Sheridan College in Ontario. He subsequently served as principal of Richmond International High School and College and St. John's International School.

Dr. Armand Roth:

Dr. Armand Roth (agrégé d'anglais and Ph.D.) taught French language and translation courses (Diploma in Translation Programme) at UBC (French Department). He then went on to teach English at the Universities of Nancy and Strasbourg in France, where he now lives in retirement. [Bio courtesy of Dr. Claude Bouygues]

Dr. Bernard Saint-Jacques:

Bernard Saint-Jacques took early retirement from UBC in 1988 to take a position at Aichi Shukutoku University in Nagoya (Japan). He is now Head of a graduate Department (MA & Ph.D.) in Intercultural Communication. He is also Director of the Institute of Language and Culture at the same university.

Dr. Anne Scott:

Anne Scott studied English and French in France, and moved to Canada in 1971. She taught at Queen's, then at UBC, where she has been since 1972, with a five year interruption, during which she practiced translation full time, translating mostly educational material. She taught for 20 years in the Diploma in Translation Programme, which she co-designed in collaboration with Larry Bongie and Claude Bouygues. She is one of the Founding Members of STIBC and has been an Accredited Translator since 1983.

Dr. Phyllis Wrenn [*]:

Dr. Phyllis Wrenn is a faculty member of the Department of French at Simon Fraser University, where she teaches French Linguistics; her teaching and research interests include Stylistics, Phonostylistics and Discourse and Text Analysis. A Founding Member of the STIBC (representing SFU on the Steering Committee), she held office and served on the Board of Directors for a number of years, first as Registrar, and later as President of the Society. She has since continued to contribute to the Society, serving on several subcommittees.

(+) indicates deceased

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